104-Dipesh Kumar

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To Beaststats Beaststats youtube 28 April 2021 Subject: receiving giveaway by Beaststats Mr. Beaststats, I am writing this letter to tell you a story or rather an incident , a incident that is emotionally attached to me ever since , it happened almost 2 years ago , i was coming back from school after a half day ( it was some occasion) , i was on foot as the buses were waiting for full day to get over and as i walked pass the old age home i saw an old man sitting outside on a chair looking towards the sky and chess board in front of him , he was all there alone so i thought i should play a game with him even tho i was not that much good at that time ( now i am good my rating is 420) so i went to him asked if he wanted to play a game with him and he looked at me and there was a shine in his eyes , he came close to me said ” chess gya bosde main ” Sincerely Stats Beast