Product Price
As all of us going through this pandemic situation in India ,if you buy this product for me I will donate it to someone in need ,the situation in Delhi is really worse ,so it would be a help as many people are dying here because they are not aware of their decreasing level of their oxygen ,and when they feel uncomfortable it’s too late for them to do anything ,and finding a hospital or oxygen cylinder in Delhi is like a treasure hunt if you are lucky you might find it .so if people are aware of their dropping oxygen level in advance ,they can some how arrange for a Oxygen cylinder or arrange for a bed in hospital if required .This can be great help .I was hopping to help someone in this pandemic , but being a student I could only do limited help ,this product will be a great help to a whole family.This one oximeter would help a family in need ,this is the right moment when you as a Youtuber can contribute as a volunteer in this pandemic and i can help a family in need. Youtubers had been doing a lot of charity event recently you also can consider it as the same ,I could have asked for any other product ,but it’s very difficult to unsee the situation .I hope you go through this text of mine and do the needful if you find it relevant .Thank You