153-Sayon Bardhan

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So the lockdown has been tough for all of us, more mentally than anything. Before the lockdown, I was not much into music. But during this lockdown I realised that I found solace in music; it helps me disconnect from this unfair world and snooze off into a different world altogether where I am at peace. And it also helps me focus when I work. But since I did not have a speaker, I found my mom’s old small Nokia phone (Nokia X2) that had bluetooth; and those Nokia sets had great loud speakers. So I transferred songs to it one by one through bluetooth and played them. So that was my speaker for a long period of time before it one day fell from my brother’s hand and stopped working. He is a small kid, so I can’t blame him also! Anyway, it was a very very old set. Hence, now I am in a desperate need of a speaker. The guy who was not into music a few days ago, can not focus on work without some music now! Hence, I would request you to buy this product for me Beast bhai! It would help me a lot and mean a lot!! P.S. – Regardless of the fact that I get the product or not, I just want to say that you are doing a great job; keep hustling! BeastStats OP! <3