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Music, That’s what ignite the words to flow through the music to the destined hearts of my listeners… That’s what fulfill my purpose. I pursue to dive in the deep sea of the subconscious filled with mysticy, and present the purest priceless pearls of words to merge together in a beautiful way, that would be a timeless masterpiece to counter pessimisticy. In all the above metaphorical miracle, My message is just that Music helps me to give my words the worth they deserve. I can’t describe the struggle of handling earphones…… Really, one cannot believe the complex structure in which these knots overlaps… Oh! Look there! Ya, there’s the string theory being shy of the crazy state of the earphones…… Obviously you might’ve got that Headphones are an integral part in Music Production. That’s the only reason I need them For Mixing and Mastering those Masterpieces. Rest rests in the hand of my luck and I love democracy ? Appreciate your consistent work to bring happiness in these tough times.. Thanks