266-Arth Gada

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So Beaststats , i have been playing guitar for the past 3 years and i have had an amazing time learning and exploring it. During the lockdown , i have been practising a lot and i have improved considerably. My dad is very supportive and gets me everything i ask for. But during such a period of tension i do not wish to bother him , and i don’t like to ask him for stuff. This amplifier will help me play in outdoor events and also help record stuff so that i can upload it somewhere , because why not… I know that you might think that this is just an accessory but to be honest , i have been wanting this since last year and have a better sound quality… This is a great initiative by you by the way and i just hope that i win this! If i made it to the stream , Hi @Beaststats , lots of love. Please help me get this. Thank you!