272-Sidhant Guha

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First of all THANK YOU chat for voting for me in BeastBuy 1 and thank you beaststats for hosting these giveaways. As I had already mentioned in the description of BeastBuy 1 that I am highly passionate about art which is why I am again selecting an art material in this one also. I have had no knowledge about watercolors as such ,which is why now I want to get started with it. As Covid increases and lockdown extends with postponement of exams of class 12(which is helpful for finishing the syllabus),everyone is also getting irritated, disturbed and depressed. Although I am not one of them, I am getting distracted which is why I want to use the distraction in a positive way and do what I love to do that is drawing. Hope I get selected and thank you again chat and beaststats.#CHAT_OP#BEASTSTATS_OP