277-Arnav Mehta

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In this lockdown, I have been playing chess from the beginning along with other games and online classes. I used the standardised apple earphones that had come with the 6S that my father used long time back. I had a strange habit of wearing one piece or earphone and swinging the other. I was repeatedly told that it will broke, but being a teenager – I was like isse kya hi hoga. So after a nice period of watching Beaststats(Makhan) and attending online classes, one day (a few months back) I couldn’t hear from the piece I used to swing. I got scolded that – hum too keh rahe the Kharab ho jayega, par hamari sunta kon hai. Since 5 months I am attending classes without earphones. Toh I had applied in BEASTBUY 1, but went empty handed. BEASTBUY 2 has come as a hope. I hope I get it. Even if I don’t I will be happy for those who get it. BEASTBUY OP. BEASTSTATS OP. Hope you get 100k soon(yeh dil se hai)