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Funny story, I already had a skateboard and learnt how to skate on a flare surface by myself (with the help of YouTube and wiki how) silly me took the skateboard to grandparents place to show off to lil cousins on how I can skate (coz they show off by riding a bicycle which I don’t know how to ride) and obviously they wanted to try it, I let them try it… then they wanted to “learn” every evening, that lil guy of grade 6 stood up on it and pushed it very fast (on purpose) and my board hit the wall on the other end of the portico and the wheels stopped working properly, I tried to fix it myself coz no mechanic were even aware of the thing but I ended up screwing and made it worse. I wanted this new one for about 5-6 months now but my savings were just right enough to spend for mom’s Birthday so I just gave up the thought of buying this.