3-Ilyan Nathani

Product Price
I am not rich, but by god’s grace, I was able to buy some of the items to build my setup for recording videos, things like (Gaming laptop, headphones, mouse)… Can’t invest any more money on buying things, and I Genuinely need a Microphone to improve my recording quality. You as a creator, may understand how much impact a small improvement in setup can have to your confidence and motivate to make better videos. Would love if Beaststats bhai’s chat also support me in this. Baaki toh Beaststats bhai, I have seen you growing from the start when you made “Samay Raina vs Beaststats” Chess analysis videos, Hum bhi karlenge kisi tarah grow :) In BeastStats Buy 1, I was unlucky to not get picked. In Case I Get picked and I am chosen for this price, Thank You BeastStats Bhai, and Chat <3