33-Rahul Bhavnani

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Being a bookworm books has always allured me the most so here I am trying my luck the name of the book is “A PROMISED LAND” by Barack Obama I have been dying to read this book since it’s came out but I could not get my hand on one cuz the book cost a fortune I would really love to add this book in my collection the book publisher did promise to readers that this book will always be in paperback but unfortunately due to the lockdown they could not publish it in paperback I have read all of his book be it “Change we can Believe in” or “The wait and Wisdom of Barack Obama “ and also I have read his wife’s book as well, this is his last book where he has described about the thing that he dealt with while he was a president and stuff like that I would be as happy as a Lark not only this book will add more value in my bookshelf but also will add value in my life I admire Barack Obama that’s all I have got to say may the one who deserves it wins thank you BeastStats for this giveaway, I really appreciate it!