333-Rajeeb Biswas

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Hello beast bro, it is very lucky of me that you are seeing this cuz i have never got an opportunity to win a giveaway(or similar). Thank you beaststats for this. I need this rucksack for my camping and trekking which i do every year with local teams. My previous rucksack got damaged as it was a but cheap and i had used it for a long time. I was thinking of getting a better one but i couldnt cuz its bit pricey. It will be very helpful if you buy this product for me, so that i can continue my camping and trekking adventures after this pandemic is over. The local team is organizing a winter camp in the end of December, hoping this covid comes to an end. THANKS beast bro for organizing such events. I hope i get this and chat pls let me get this. #beaststatsop #chatop #beastbuy **I hope this is more than 200 characters