73-Samitinjaya Rath

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I started following chess April, 2020 onwards, thanks to Samay and Sagar bhai, having never played it before, not even occasionally as a child. Discovered you through them and liked your chill chess streams. I have improved from 400 rating to 1400 rating in the past 11 months, with my current rating being around 1300. Having started to love chess and spending at least 3-4 hours daily on it, I feel reading a chess book is the next step in my chess improvement journey. Sagar bhai had recommended Jeremy Silman’s book for intermediate players like me on his streams and hence, I am keen to buy this book, which is supposed to be suitable for 1400 to 2100-rated players. I know everyone in this community is working hard on their chess and I hope they will support me on my chess improvement journey as well. Thank you! ??